Håkan Roos enters NFT

Global Fintech Industries has acquired Bonnier’s shares in NFT’s investment structures. In connection with this, NFT has begun a long-term collaboration with Håkan Roos and the Roos-gruppen to further develop NFT’s portfolio companies as one of the leading Fintech investors in the Nordics.

I have followed Nordic Fintech for a long time and have invested in iZettle and Advisa, among others. I see great potential in NFT and it’s portfolio and look forward to actively working together with NFT and it’s team. Both in terms of existing and new potential investments, says Håkan Roos, Chairman and owner of the Roos-gruppen.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Bonnier for a good cooperation and for helping NFT put the Nordic region as a leading Fintech region on the map. We are very happy to collaborate with Håkan Roos and Roos-gruppen, which strengthens NFT on many levels, and we have a long-term common vision where we will increase our commitment even further within Fintech, says Pär Roosvall, CEO of NFT.

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