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Yabie was founded in 2016 with the clear objective of disrupting the traditional point-of-sale (POS) market. Cashier services were, and to an extent still are, slow-moving and based on large and expensive hardware solutions with limited customization and integration capabilities.

To address this, Yabie created an advanced turnkey cash register system on a modern and scalable cloud-based platform, targeting the SME market with a special focus on retail and restaurant markets.

With extensive add-on services and ERP capabilities, Yabie is positioning itself as one of the most advanced mobile POS suppliers on the market, already preferred by a large customer base. Yabie has continued to develop its service and has become a main driver of the Swedish transition from traditional to digital cashier solutions.

Since its founding in 2015, Gimi has been teaching financial superskills to children and young people. Society is increasingly becoming cashless, but without offering young people alternative money management opportunities or solutions.

To solve this issue, Gimi offers an app that combines education with gamification, giving children a fun way to learn how to handle money and make smarter financial decisions.

The Gimi app has an extensive library of information and educational modules for children, and with a connected card, there is full transparency between parent and child regarding balance, usage and saving targets. Gimi aims to become the global leader of educational fintech products for the next generation and is rapidly closing in on that goal by partnering with international banks.

Nordkap is a leading Treasury Management System (TMS) provider in the Nordics offering a user-friendly SaaS solution for real estate companies. Since its founding in 2011, Nordkap has reshaped the way real estate companies manage cash, risk and financing through its TMS and a first-of-its-kind online debt procurement platform.

The TMS includes a broad range of real estate specialized services which enables access to consolidated information, accurate figures, well founded analyses and standardized reporting, all with user friendliness and flexibility in focus. Nordkap holds a large share of the Swedish market, with reference customers including NP3 Fastigheter, SSSB and Brunswick Real Estate. With a strong market position and product market fit in Sweden, Nordkap has started an international expansion in Europe.

Roaring provides a broad range of API services enabling businesses to find and implement the right tools for managing KYC, AML and compliance-related data. Roaring offers a streamlined three-in-one SaaS solution providing tools for the user to gather, structure and access customer data, to shorten customers’ time to market, reduce development costs and speed up the digital transformation.

Focusing on accessibility, quality and innovation, Roaring wants to change the information industry from the ground up and shape its future. Since its founding in 2016, Roaring has established a significant customer base in the Nordics and are trusted by heavyweights in banking and the insurance industry.

Full service neo-bank offering a complete package of app-based services.

Crowdfunding platform to invest capital directly into real estate.


Full-service identity verification service provider.


Sweden’s first marketplace for factoring.

Next generation platform for financial advisers and their clients.

Sweden’s leading provider of online legal services.

A social finance app focusing on cost splitting between friends and family.

A voice-technology company that offers a SaaS solution for speech transcription and analysis in real-time.

A retirement planner where consumers save whenever they shop with their NOWO cards.


Supports buyers and sellers to perform safe and smooth peer-to-peer-transactions, by providing smart digital contracts and e-signing services.

A data-driven car insurance company that offers car owners a personalized insurance premium, based on driving behaviors.


A fully automatized digital robot-advisory tool for investment portfolios.

An identity service provided to financial institutes, insurance companies and gambling providers to facilitate their customer identification processes.

An automatic robot advisory firm that offers next-generation investment advice for its customers.

An online leasing solution that supports companies in negotiating better leasing agreements.

Automatically secures transactions between suppliers and retailers.

Enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs.

An automated comprehensive service for the company’s finances.

Manages the accounting for SME businesses.

Real estate loans to tenant-owner associations.

Credit Kudos.
An AI-based platform for insightful credit decisions.


Digital financing for SME invoices, based on AI-technology.


A software solution that helps customers manage and send invoices online.


Sweden’s first neobank.


A platform that compares the best credit cards.